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Using the Affiliate Dashboard

How to access your dashboard to track progress, retrieve and share assets, track bonuses, check attributed conversions, and review payouts.

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Affiliates have access to their very own dedicated dashboard. 

In this dashboard, affiliates can track their own progress, retrieve and share assets, track their bonuses, check their attributed conversions, and review payouts.

Accessing the Affiliate dashboard

Once affiliates are accepted into the Affiliate Program, they will receive a welcome email with information on how to log in.

Where can I log in to the Affiliate Program? 

You may log into your Affiliate Dashboard here:

Standard menu items on the Affiliate dashboard:

  • Dashboard: Home page.

  • Reporting: Several options and filters to display an Affiliate's performance data.

  • Assets: On this tab, Affiliates can see assets pre-made by Token Metrics, all of which are ready to be shared. Affiliates can also modify their referral link.

    Note: The Assets icon will appear greyed out until you have been approved for the Affiliate program.

  • Conversions: The list of all the conversions an affiliate has driven.

  • Sources: Affiliates have the option to add which websites they'd like to create Assets for so that they can easily discern where the clicks or conversions are coming from.

  • Payouts: Affiliates can follow up on the payouts of their commissions here.

  • Profile icon: By clicking here, affiliates can change their profile information, change the language for their dashboard, change their password, and log out.

  • MLM: Affiliates have an option to grab a link to invite new sub-affiliates, as well as the option to view their sub-affiliates.

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