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Changing Referral Code and Links

How to change your affiliate referral code

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Changing Referral Codes

Affiliates can modify their referral codes by doing the following on their publisher dashboard: 

  1. Go to 'Assets' > Click on 'Advanced' > Click on the 'Edit' icon.

  2. A field will open - here your affiliate can input their new referral code. 

Referral codes are not case-insensitive, meaning that ?ref=JohnDoe and ?ref=johndoe will be considered the same code.

What happens if I change the referral code? 

When you change your referral code, the previously shared referral codes will no longer work.

In order for Affiliates to change their referral link, they must do so through changing their referral code. Affiliates can change their referral codes by going to Assets in the left hand menu, and then clicking Advanced in the top right corner.

Note: If you don't see the little 'edit' pencil icon, it means that either your case does not support this kind of customization, or that you're using an older version of the code. Please contact our support chat to assess your case.

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