The affiliate whose link was last used before a conversion took place will be rewarded for that conversion (or that customer's future actions). 

Cookies are used by websites and tracking software to track user behavior.  

Token Metrics followers the Last Cookie Counts rule. 

What Does That mean? 

The 'last cookie counts' rule means that if the same user follows two different affiliate links, and makes a purchase only after accessing Token Metrics through the second/last affiliate's link, this second affiliate will be credited for any conversions.


  • Tom follows the affiliate link from Veronica's blog to Token Metrics. He looks around, checks different pages and leaves without converting.

  • A few days later, while checking his Facebook profile, Tom sees a post by Sandra, with a link leading to Token Metrics again. This time, he makes a purchase/converts. 

  • Even though Tom discovered the shop through Veronica's link, Sandra was the last one redirecting him to the shop. This means that Sandra will get credited the commission for that conversion.

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