Is the crypto market just too complicated for you to navigate?

Are you worried that your P&L is no match to that of quant models?

Or do you not have the time or skill to actively manage your crypto portfolio?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, then our Robo-Advisor feature is perfect for you.

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there with a lot of noise, proving it extremely hard to identify winning trades and even fraudulent tokens.

Almost 65% of active day traders lose money, and only 7% make a profit!

We know that markets go up in an escalator and come down in an elevator, especially in crypto.

Profits can be wiped out instantly, forcing investors to actively trade to protect their portfolio. However, not everyone is suited for that type of heart-wrenching trading.

Also, just like on Wall St., quantitative trading is outperforming all crypto funds by detecting patterns that the human eye can't see.

That is why at Token Metrics, we merge our Human Capital, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning models to create and actively manage crypto portfolios customized just for you!

To make crypto investing more manageable for you, we are developing Token Metrics in 3 phases:

1. Crypto Analytics Platform (2019)

2. Robo-Advisor (2020)

3. Fully integrated Investment platform (2021)

Just like Vanguard made investing in stocks go mainstream, a Robo-Advisor for crypto will become a necessity for mainstream crypto adoption.

That is why we are working hard on developing our Robo-Advisor, which will allow for automated trading based on your investment and risk profile, automated investment selection, portfolio rebalancing, and risk management.

To achieve the Robo-Advisor's full potential, we are also constructing crypto indices that will allow you to get exposure to specific crypto market segments.

In other words, our Robo-Advisor will automatically trade (buy/sell) and rebalance your crypto portfolio via exchanges, based on your own profile and requirements.

In summary, using Token Metrics' Robo-Advisor will allow you to actively manage your crypto portfolio by leveraging our human capital's in-depth research and our data analytics and deep learning models, with almost no effort at all!
Saving you valuable time to focus on your family, hobbies, and life!

Note: The Robo-Advisor feature will be available on the Investor and Professional plans.

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