Are you using Token Metrics to aid in swing or day trading?

Or are you a novice trader looking to get into crypto?

Token Metrics price prediction models can help you know when to buy and sell crypto.

Some of our models are known to be 90% accurate or better and can help you achieve financial independence with crypto.

First, go to the Token Metrics web application and select the day trader switch in the top right to view our ratings for traders.

Then choose a coin with a top 10 grade, and select the price prediction tool.

When should you buy using price predictions?

The best time to consider buying is when the predicted price is in a predicted bullish uptrend for the next 30 days.

This is when the predicted price (purple dotted line) will have a higher predicted closing price in 30 days, compared to today's current price.

A good time to potentially buy this specific currency in June is right around the beginning of the month, when the price was just under $250, and holding until the predicted price peaks around June 25th.

When should you sell or take profits using price predictions?

A good time to sell your crypto is when it has reached its short-term peak price, and the model for that should look something like this.

In the above example, you can see our models are predicting that this currency is peaking at just over $0.20 around June 8th to June 15th.

This means that now is probably a good time to sell or lock in your profits in the short term, as we likely won't see it return to its current price in the near future.

Price Prediction Accuracy

The price prediction accuracy should be used as a measure of confidence in the price prediction.

Each cryptocurrency’s price prediction is different.

Our models are continuously improving.

In general, if the prediction accuracy is over 90%, then our models are highly confident in the prediction.

Also, be sure to check the price prediction graphs to get an idea for the difference between the past predictions (the dotted purple line on the graph) and the actual price (the red line on the graph).

It’s important to note that these models aren't 100% accurate, so don’t take them as the be-all-end-all for trading crypto. They are merely a tool in a trader's toolbox.

For more on trading using the price prediction models, check out this video from our YouTube channel:

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