Dear Astronauts, welcome aboard the Token Metrics Astronaut Affiliate Program with nonstop service to the moon and beyond.

Congratulations on getting one step closer to making passive income!

Most crypto affiliate programs offer 10-30% commission with a 3-12-month time limit.

Token metrics for a limited time only offers 40% commissions plus 10% sub-affiliate commissions for 12 months, which makes our affiliate program the most lucrative in the market.

Another great thing about our Astronaut Affiliate Program is that it is open to everyone, not just Token Metrics customers.

You don’t need to be a marketing expert right away to join, and you can always learn along the way.

Let’s start with a few easy tips on maximizing your results with the Token Metrics Affiliate program.

Personal Network

Your network is often a valuable place to start.

Tell your friends and network about what you find helpful in Token Metrics, and we would be happy to offer them a 10% discount to make this a win-win.

Social Media

The internet is the most powerful tool globally as it connects people across the world, and social media plays a massive role in this.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tiktok. The list goes on and on.

Feel free to pick your favorite or use as many social media platforms you want. The more platforms you use, the larger the audience.

Token Metrics has created some easy to share assets for use, all of which are ready to be shared.

These include pre-made social media posts and links to our introduction video, webinar, ebook, etc.

You can also create original posts to share your thoughts and experiences with Token Metrics. Just make sure to add your affiliate link to the post.

Content Creation

As an affiliate, you always have full control of your marketing plan.

If you run a YouTube channel, blog, website, etc., creating relevant content in your unique style is always helpful to communicate with your audience effectively and make conversions.

It is often the most effective way to market as a Token Metrics’ affiliate!

An additional bonus is that the content stays on the Internet, which means you can earn recurring income from referrals.

Recruiting Sub-affiliates

You can recruit sub-affiliates who can also join the affiliate program and earn commissions.

When your sub-affiliates have a customer successfully subscribed to Token Metrics, you will get 10% recurring sub-affiliate commissions for 12 months.


To make full use of the Token Metrics Astronaut Affiliate Program and earn passive income, you may find your network, social media platforms, and content creation useful to maximize your earnings.

You can also recruit sub-affiliates to enlarge your audience group further.

And of course, please always feel free to put your creativity into this journey, and we are honored to share it with you.

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