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Ratings Page Tutorial

An Article Describing how to Maximize the Utility of the Ratings Page

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The Ratings page is the epicenter of valuable information about different cryptocurrencies. Inspired by Ian Balina's original spreadsheet, this page catalyzes Token Metrics' vision.

This comprehensive guide will cover everything on the Ratings Page V3, providing detailed insights and how-tos for each feature.

Features of the Ratings Page - V3

  1. Investor Grade

  2. Trader Grade

  3. Customize Button

  4. Indicators

  5. Quant Metrics

  6. Filtering

  7. Exchanges

  8. Categories

Investor Grade

The Investor Grade is your compass for long-term investment decisions. This grade considers quarterly and yearly timeframes, assessing the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies. It evaluates historical performance, market capitalization, and growth potential, helping you identify tokens with strong fundamentals and positive outlooks for sustainable growth. For instance, a token with a high Investor Grade might have a strong track record of steady growth and robust market fundamentals, indicating a lower risk for long-term investment. This ratings page section is the Investor Section. It's sorted by Investor Grade. The user can click on the Investor button.

Trader Grade

The Trader Grade caters to short-term trading strategies. Focusing on daily and weekly timeframes provides insights into tokens' immediate potential. Trader Grades are determined using technical analysis, recent price movements, and trading volume, enabling traders to capitalize on short-term market opportunities and make informed decisions based on current trends. For example, a token with a high Trader Grade may have shown significant recent price gains and high trading activity, making it an attractive option for day trading. This ratings page section is part of the trader section. It's sorted by trade grade. The user can click on the trader button.

Customize Button

The Customize Button is a powerful tool that allows you to tailor the ratings page to your specific needs. Located at the top right corner of the page, it lets you choose which metrics and indicators are displayed. Customization options include market capitalization, price, 24-hour price percent change, 7-day price percentage, 24-hour volume, and price prediction. This feature saves your preferences, providing a personalized experience every time you visit the page.

To customize your view, tick or untick the options you want to see on the details page. This straightforward approach ensures you only view the metrics most relevant to your investment strategy.

Suggestions for Customization

  • Market Capitalization: Track a cryptocurrency's total market value, which can help you understand its size and market position.

  • Price: Monitor the current trading price to monitor fluctuations and make timely decisions.

  • 24-Hour Price Percent Change: See the price movement over the last 24 hours to identify short-term trends.

  • 7-Day Price Percentage: Monitor weekly price changes to gain insights into medium-term performance.

  • 24-Hour Volume: Assess trading activity and liquidity, which can be crucial for entry and exit points.

Quant Metrics

Quant Metrics involve quantitative analysis to assess the value and potential of tokens. These metrics include statistical measures such as standard deviation, beta, and Sharpe ratio. Quant Metrics are integral to our ratings, offering a data-driven approach to evaluating tokens. They are particularly valuable for users who prefer a more analytical method of assessing market opportunities. You can add them in the customize column.


The Filtering feature allows users to refine the ratings page based on specific criteria. You can filter tokens by Investor Grade, Trader Grade, market capitalization, and other key metrics. This feature is designed to help you quickly find tokens that match your investment or trading strategy. For example, you might filter for tokens by price.


Our ratings system supports data from a wide range of exchanges, ensuring that the ratings are comprehensive and reflect the global market. You can see which exchanges each token is listed on and how the data from these exchanges influences the overall ratings. Including multiple exchanges provides a more complete and accurate picture of a token's market performance. This will filter their ratings page for only coins on that exchange.


Tokens are grouped into categories to help you find what you're looking for more easily. Categories are defined based on factors such as the token's use case, industry, and underlying technology. For example, you might find categories like DeFi, NFTs, or Layer 2 solutions. Understanding these categories can help you identify tokens that fit within specific sectors or investment themes. This will filter their ratings page for only coins in that category.

More about the Reset Filter and Sorting

Upon entering the Ratings page, you'll find various tools. Coins are automatically filtered based on their 24-hour trading volume and market capitalization to ensure you focus on the most relevant options. If you desire a broader view, click the "Reset Filter & Sorting" button, highlighted in vibrant red, to unlock a wider range of possibilities.

Compare Coins: Trader Grade vs. Investor Grade

The Ratings page lets you compare coins based on their Trader Grade, Investor Grade, trading signals, 24-hour trading volumes, and market caps. Initially, tokens are sorted from the highest to the lowest Trader Grade, presenting a snapshot of their potential. However, clicking on the column headers allows you to effortlessly rearrange the list to suit your preferences, allowing for a customized and insightful comparison.

Stablecoins: Stability Amidst Volatility

Stablecoins offer stability in the volatile cryptocurrency market. They do not have TM Grades assigned to them, as their primary function is to provide a stable store of value rather than potential returns. Despite offering a near-zero potential return on investment, stablecoins are crucial in ensuring stability during turbulent times.

Refining Your Coin Choices with the Filter Button

The Filter Button is a fantastic feature on our Ratings page that helps you choose coins based on specific criteria. By opening the filter, selecting your criteria, and saving your choices, you can easily pick coins that match your preferences, such as those with a Bullish Trading Signal. This feature simplifies your research and helps you focus on the most relevant options. The Filter Column is your helpful companion when narrowing down your research. It allows you to exclude unwanted coins, making your research more efficient by focusing on the ones that interest you the most. To ensure reliability and widespread trading, set a filter to include only coins with a 24-hour trading volume of $300,000 or more. This way, you focus on coins with decent market cap and liquidity, ensuring more dependable investment and trading options.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide to the Ratings Page V3 has been helpful. This comprehensive overview aims to provide you with the tools and insights needed to make informed investment and trading decisions.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support team via the website at

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