The Token Metrics Ratings page is the cornerstone of our site.

This is the page most similar to Ian Balina's original spreadsheet where the vision for Token Metrics was born.

When you open the ratings page, you will see the coins in the top 50 market cap, ranked from highest to lowest TM grade.

Page 2 will contain coins with market cap rank 51-100, page 3 contains coins with market cap rank 101-150, and so on.

Some coins will not have grades for certain time horizons because they have not been trading long enough, and therefore we do not have enough data to formulate a grade.

Additionally, stablecoins will not have TM grades because their potential ROI is essentially zero

The ratings page lets us easily compare coins based on their TM grades, 30-day price predictions, 24-hour trading volumes, market caps, and more.

To sort tokens by something other than the grade, simply click on the column header of the metric you wish to rank from highest to lowest. Click it again to sort from lowest to highest.

Another useful feature is the filter button, circled in the above screenshot.

The filter button allows us to filter out certain coins.

For example, if we only want to look at coins with positive price predictions, we would open the filter for 30-day price prediction and input a value of 0 and condition of greater than or equal to.

The filter column is very useful for filtering out unwanted coins when you are doing research.

It is important to note that the value box only registers digits, if you include commas or dollar signs the filter will not work.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial of the ratings page. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to support!

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