The holdings page is where our customers track the performance of their portfolios.

This page displays the price we purchased a token at, the dollar value of our tokens, the current price, the number of tokens we hold, and more.

To add an investment to your portfolio, simply click the "Add Investment" button circled above. That will display the following pop-up.

Enter the token you purchased, how many you purchased, and the date it was purchased, then click “save” to add the transaction to your portfolio.

Now you will see your investment appear in the "My Investments" table.

If you select the "Portfolio Allocation" tab at the top of the screen, you will see something similar to the screenshot above.

This section of the site lets us visualize our portfolios and view them similarly to how we see the indices on our home page.

This page can easily show us if we are too heavily consolidated in one coin, or if we need more exposure to another one.

Click on the "Portfolio Growth" tab and you will see something similar to the chart above, modeling your portfolio's performance.

This chart tracks the total value of your portfolio over time.

When you add an investment you will probably notice a sharp increase in the value of the portfolio indicated by a steep linear line, similar to what we see above on June 7.

If you have any more questions on the holdings page, feel free to contact support!

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