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How to keep your finger on the pulse of your favorite tokens.

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Customers on our Advanced and Premium plans can get alerts of their choice for any token they want to track.

Investor plan advanced can receive email alerts and Premium plan subscribers can receive SMS, email alerts, or both.

To start, we will need to decide which token we would like to be alerted about.

Let’s use Ethereum for our example.

Once we have reached the Ethereum summary page, we select the watchlist button, circled in the above screen capture.

This will bring up the pop-up window shown below.

Professional plan members will then have the option to select email, SMS, or Telegram alerts at the top. Please note that you must first input your phone number before you can receive SMS alerts.

To enable the Telegram Alerts, you would need to click the Blue hyperlink at the top that states "Verify With Telegram Bot". This will redirect you to Telegram where the bot will ask for the email address associated with your Token Metrics account. Once you provide the email, the last step will be to provide the verification code that it had sent you. Once provided, you will be verified with the Telegram Bot and can receive alerts for changes in the Trading Signal of the Visual Trends Indicator.

Our next step is to decide what metrics we would like notifications on, and the value change we would like to be notified about.

We can choose to be notified on any time horizon of our quant grade, the percentage change in 24-hour prices, and the percent change of our price predictions.

Once we have determined the metrics we would like to receive alerts about, we click save and wait to be notified!

You can view all the tokens you are receiving alerts on at the Token Metrics Watchlist page.

To temporarily stop receiving alerts, click the status bar, A grey status bar means you are not receiving alerts for the time being. Simply move the status bar back to green to continue getting alerts.

To permanently stop receiving alerts, hit the remove button.

The edit button will bring up the pop-up we saw earlier, letting you edit when you receive alerts, and for which metrics.

Happy tracking and thank you all for being Token Metrics customers!

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