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Using the Visual Trends Indicators
Using the Visual Trends Indicators

How to make profits using the visual trends indicators.

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The Token Metrics Visual Trends Indicator is a highly valuable feature available on our website. This product combines multiple technical indicators with machine learning models to generate bullish or bearish signals for thousands of assets. In this article, we will delve into the functionalities and benefits of this indicator.

Section 1: Technical Indicators and Machine Learning Models

The Visual Trends Indicator utilizes various technical indicators in conjunction with advanced machine learning models. These models analyze market data to produce signals that indicate bullish or bearish market conditions for different assets. The indicator is effective for assets with a trading history of more than 90 days.

Section 2: Low-Frequency and High-Frequency Strategies

The Visual Trends Indicator caters to both low-frequency and high-frequency trading strategies. The indicator provides signals suitable for long-term holders and value investors as well as traders who prefer more frequent trades. The bullish signals represent buy indications, while bearish signals suggest selling opportunities.

Section 3: Profitability Comparison

To assess the profitability of the strategies, users can navigate to the "View PL Chart" option under the trading strategy chart. The profit and loss chart compares the outcome of the selected strategy with a simple buy-and-hold approach for the chosen time period. A flat line on the chart indicates a bearish signal where the AI sold its position, resulting in no profit or loss at the moment.

After Clicking the "View PL Chart"

Section 4: Effective Risk Management

The Visual Trends Indicators have proven to be an invaluable tool for our customers. They have even helped save significant amounts of money during the market correction of May and June 2021 for those who followed the signals diligently. By leveraging these indicators, traders can make informed decisions and effectively manage their risks.

Section 5: Guidance and Resources

For detailed instructions on how to utilize the Visual Trends Indicators, we recommend referring to a video featuring our Senior Quantitative Analyst and co-creator of the visual trends indicators, Jad Hajali. This video provides further insights into maximizing the potential of these indicators and optimizing trading strategies


The Token Metrics Visual Trends Indicator is an essential tool for traders seeking informed trading decisions. By leveraging the power of technical indicators and machine learning models, this feature generates bullish and bearish signals for a wide range of assets. Whether you follow a low-frequency or high-frequency strategy, the Visual Trends Indicator helps optimize trading decisions and effectively manage risks. Explore this powerful tool to enhance your trading experience and stay ahead in the market.

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