The Token Metrics holdings page is a great place to keep track of your investment performance.

As of right now, you have to manually log buys and sells using the "Add Investment" tool on that webpage.

When we release Token Metrics 2.0, we will have wallet and API integration that will automatically update your holdings whenever you make a transaction on an exchange.

Customers using our current release often ask how to log their sells, and this article will explain how to do just that.

Suppose we purchased 1 ETH seven days ago for $1,971.10.

Now, one week later, we want to sell half of our ETH and convert it into a stablecoin like DAI.

To record this in our portfolio, we will log the inverse of our sell transaction, essentially a transaction showing that we bought DAI.

In this case, we log that we purchased 1061.45 DAI tokens on July 30th.

We will then need to remove our previous Ethereum transaction and add an investment of 0.5 ETH on the same date we purchased our 1 ETH. Our final portfolio should look something like this.

Note that the profit is equal to half of the price increase of Ethereum, as we sold 0.5 ETH during this period.

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