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Token Metrics Pricing Plan Comparison
Token Metrics Pricing Plan Comparison

This article will help you decide which plan best suits your investing goals.

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Token Metrics Basic Plan

This is an introductory plan for customers who are new to crypto and is currently offered for free.

This plan fits investors or traders who want to access all cryptocurrencies on the Token Metrics platform.

With this plan, you get the following:

  • Rating's Page (holistic view of all tokens, organized by multiple categories which is limited to the TOP 10 tokens only)

    • The new comprehensive Token Rating's page (including TM Grade and Trading Signals) provides the ability to sort by a number of new categories, including coin type, Smart Contract platforms, Yield Farming, Defi, NFTs, and more.

  • Trading Signals

  • Individual Token Detail Pages (includes Summary, Markets)

    • Pages with Summary (Daily, Weekly and Monthly TM Grade, News, Currency Converter, and Price Chart)

  • Join our exclusive private global Basic network telegram and make global connections with newcomers entering in the crypto space.

  • Ability to add multiple personal portfolios

  • Technology and Github source code reviews, so you know which cryptos have solid technology and which ones are scams.

  • Weekly Newsletter

Token Metrics Advanced Plan

The Advanced Plan is the most popular plan amongst our customers.
The monthly price for the Advanced plan is $39.99 or you can subscribe to a yearly advanced plan for $399.99 which gives 2 months for free!

The main benefits of this plan are access to our price predictions, indices, Automated Portfolios, Automated Fundamentals, Performance Metrics (Quant), and Technology Summaries

It contains everything mentioned in the Basic Plan plus:

  • Model Portfolios (Indices)

  • Fundamental analysis by market cap so you know which ones are scams and which ones are undervalued

  • Watchlist: Add certain tokens to your watch list to receive email alerts

  • Technical Analysis

    • Real-time technical analysis indicators and signals for all cryptocurrencies by market cap, telling you which cryptos we’re bullish and bearish on, based on movements in the token price

    • Visual Trend Indicators, Profit & Loss, Support & Resistance Levels

  • Trading View Indicator

  • Price Predictions Chart

  • Support and Resistance Levels

  • Portfolio Synching

    • Ability to automatically sync multiple personal portfolios from 5 exchanges

  • Individual Token Detail Pages

    • New Summary page, Market Overview, Price Predictions, Fundamentals, Technology, Technical Analysis, Visual Trends Indicator, and Performance Metrics

  • AI based Reports

    • Fundamentals, Technology Summaries, Performance Metrics

  • Join our exclusive private global advanced network telegram and make global connections with some of the active crypto enthusiasts from all over the world

To subscribe to this plan, please visit our setting's page and select the Advanced plan

Token Metrics Premium Plan

The Premium Plan provides access to more analytical tools to use to give a better understanding as well as clarity on cryptocurrencies, so you can invest with more confidence.

The monthly price for the Premium Plan is $199.99 or you can subscribe to a yearly advanced plan for $1,999.99 which gives 2 months for free!

It contains everything mentioned in the Advanced Plan plus:

  • Weekly private Premium webinars with the Token Metrics team, so you know exactly what we are thinking in terms of trading and investment strategies for crypto as well as for NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

  • Custom Mobile Text And Email Alerts, providing real-time information on the market fluctuations from your Watchlist.

  • Watchlist:

    • Bullish/Bearish Trading Signal Change alert: Get notified via Telegram messages from Token Metrics Telegram Bot when a token changes either from bearish to bullish or bullish to bearish. This can be done either by turning Low-Frequency Visuals Trends Indicator Alerts (notified less frequently) on or by turning High-Frequency Visual Trends Indicator Alerts (notified more frequently) on.

      ***You first need to be verified with the Telegram Bot first by messaging bot with this: "Verify User" and enter the six-digit verification code sent to the email account that you subscribed to Token Metrics before using Bullish/Bearish notification feature***

  • Token Metrics Alerts Channel on Telegram

  • Join our exclusive private global Premium network and make global connections with some of the best professional investors from all over the world.

  • Correlation

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • On-chain Analysis (Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Stable Coin)

  • Early Access to New Products

    • Data API

    • Automated Trading Bot

    • AI Chatbot

To subscribe to this plan, please visit our setting's page and select the Premium plan.

Token Metrics VIP Plan

The VIP plan is exclusively available for accredited investors or venture capitalists ready to commit a minimum of $10,000 per VC deal. This plan is offered on an annual basis only, without a monthly payment option. Our VIP membership provides exceptional access to advanced tools, professional advice, and exclusive investment opportunities in the realm of cryptocurrencies. Enhance your investment strategies, expand your possibilities, and gain access to comprehensive analyses, live webinars, and distinctive features reserved for our VIP members. Embark on a path of informed investing and realize your full potential in the cryptocurrency market.

The benefits of being a VIP member on Token Metrics include:

  • VC Deals: Members get access to all VC deals that Token Metrics Ventures has Access to and curated deals by the Token Metrics team.

  • Exclusive Access: VIP members gain access to premium content, features, and tools not available to other membership tiers.

  • Weekly Private Webinars: Members get access to exclusive webinars conducted by the Token Metrics team, offering valuable insights into trading and investment strategies for cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

  • Custom Alerts: VIP members receive real-time alerts and notifications on market fluctuations from their watchlist, enhancing their ability to react to market changes swiftly.

  • Networking Opportunities: Members gain access to a private network of professional investors globally, fostering connections and collaborations within the cryptocurrency space.

  • Early Access and Special Features: VIP members get early access to new products, features, and tools developed by Token Metrics, providing a competitive advantage in the crypto market.

  • Enhanced Data Insights: Advanced correlation, sentiment analysis, on-chain analysis for major cryptocurrencies, and AI-based reports are part of the VIP membership, offering comprehensive data for informed decision-making.

    To apply for this plan, please visit the pricing page here.

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