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Token Metrics Webinar Schedules
Token Metrics Webinar Schedules

This article will go over the different TV shows that Token Metrics currently offers.

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Token Metrics Webinar Schedules

  • Here is the NEW revised Weekly Schedule that will feature Token Metrics CEO, Ian Balina for the TM Astrobot Morning Alpha, Premium Webinar, and YouTube Live Stream.

  • Tuesday: 1) The Astrobot Morning Alpha ( EXCLUSIVE TO ASTROBOT HOLDERS ) will be done via Zoom call link listed in our Discord at 11AM EST, the recording will then be posted in ⁠🎥│alpha-recordings.

  • Wednesday: Premium webinar only available to Advanced, Premium and VIP Astrobot holders which will occur on Zoom at 11AM EST and the link is sent by email.

  • Friday: Public Market Update that will be live on Youtube at 6:30 PM

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