Opium Network - $OPIUM

Code Review - 02/02/2021

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The Opium protocol is a universal protocol to create, settle and trade virtually all derivatives and financial instruments in a professional and trustless way. It allows anyone to build custom exchange-traded products on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Once created, they can be traded freely via a network of relayers and will be priced according to supply and demand. The protocol is designed with a hybrid architecture using both off-chain and on-chain logic to provide a better user experience while keeping the advantages of decentralization. Last but not least, the ownership and control of the protocol is decentralized and token OPIUM allows governance of the network.

Opium protocol is quite a solid protocol which has been in the works for a long time now and as DeFi is still under the spotlights it is definitely worth a bet. The project also has an interesting roadmap as they are working on a new version of the protocol but also on the implementation of a L2 scaling solution to improve the user experience.

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