Code Review - 02/16/2021

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DAOventures is a decentralized finance (DeFi) technology protocol focused on simplifying DeFi investing. It does so by focusing on the key differentiators of investor’s needs: security, compliance, simplicity and risk management. Designed as a DeFicentric platform with security, interoperability and “network effect” in mind, it aims to offer users easy access to multitude DeFi products including, unbiased robo- advisory, yield-farming aggregation, funds management, structured products, decentralized insurance and more.

The project is still early and in active development but aims to provide a solution to a real issue of DeFi currently. DeFi protocols are still a bit complicated for allowing mainstream users to profit from it but if DAOventures achieve what they are planning to, it could help new users onboarding on the ecosystem by simplifying a lot of the experience.

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