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Code Review - 02/24/2021

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Radicle is a decentralized code collaboration network built on open protocols. It enables developers to collaborate on code without relying on trusted intermediaries. Radicle was designed to provide similar functionality to centralized well known code collaboration platforms such as Github while retaining Git’s peer-to-peer nature (Git is the underlying versioning program), building on what made distributed version control so powerful in the first place. Radicle also leverages Ethereum for unique global names, decentralized organizations, and protocols that help maintainers sustain their open-source work.

Radicle is clearly not the most appealing use case compared to all the DeFi protocols out there. However, it is much needed and answers a problem of the current centralized code collaboration platforms. The team behind the project is highly skilled, delivering quality work and already getting praised by their peers such as the team behind The Graph. Radicle is currently under the radar and a proposal is currently being voted to sell 3.75% of the RAD supply through a Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool on the Balancer protocol.

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