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Harvest Finance - $FARM
Harvest Finance - $FARM

Code Review - 02/24/2021

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Harvest Finance is a yield farming protocol created for users looking to put their assets to work in high producing farming opportunities. Harvest will best appeal to those who can’t manage their DeFi positions 24/7 as it automates the process of yield farming as well as saving gas fee and time while doing so. The protocol is governed by $FARM tokens holder, which also consists of shares that pay dividends.

Harvest is one of the well-established DeFi protocols. The team is anonymous and initially developed the protocol as a solution for themselves and then expanded it for a larger usage. The protocol went through multiple audits but still got hacked last year in October, which impacted the protocol as well as the token value at that time. Harvest is still one of the most interesting projects in DeFi and could see more and more users using it as it is an easy way to enter DeFi opportunities.

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