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Code Review - 02/24/2021
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Kylin Network is building a cross chain decentralized oracle network on Polkadot. The platform provides data infrastructure for the DeFi economy, powered by its native KYL token. Kylin Network provides any application, blockchain or parachain access to external data allowing dApp builders to find data such as pricing feeds for Bitcoin or USD, stock markets, or weather predictions. The platform plans on going further than what some simple Oracles such as Dia or Tellor are doing, by creating a whole marketplace even allowing trading of off-chain and onchain data, among other things.

Being built on Polkadot, Kylin is supposed to launch during this year, and we will soon see how the product will evolve compared to what current Oracles are doing. There is a bit of uncertainty around the team developing the product as most of their profiles have been created specifically for the project. We will keep an eye on this project to see its evolution and if it manages to properly deliver.

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