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Code Review - 03/02/2021

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The Hopr protocol is a layer-0 privacy protocol that aims to be a privacy infrastructure foundation for anyone to build on. As more and more data is being collected and since it became truly valuable for the last few years, the goal is to enable individuals to own their personal data again. Somewhat comparable to the famous Onion router Tor, Hopr aims to build a truly decentralized version of it, preventing attacks such as the ones Tor recently faced. To provide such features, the protocol operates at the network level, offering metadata privacy for any exchange of data thanks to a mixnet that protects both sender and recipient of data exchanges. Hopr also integrates a payment solution as part of the network, by using a custom layer-2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum.

As privacy is still a hot topic in 2021, like we recently saw with the interest shown to Tornado.cash protocol, Hopr is going further by building the whole infrastructure needed for true privacy in a decentralized way. Built at the heart of Europe’s crypto valley in Zurich by a team of experienced engineers, the project is showing good signs in terms of development. In addition to that, Hopr is well surrounded and raised funds from leading firms such as Binance Labs in 2020, which is always a good sign. As the protocol just launched, we will see if the market is ready to adopt such a technology to allow real privacy.

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