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Code Review - 03/07/2021

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CasperLabs is developing a fully decentralized, shared and scalable, next-generation DAG(Directed-acyclicgraph) based public blockchain implementing CBC (Correct-by-Construction) Casper PoS protocol, and it’s designed for mass enterprises, developers, and consumer adoption.

Casper is open and permission-less blockchain using construct by correction algorithm written with fundamental, verifiable mathematical properties to enable higher security through provable and predictable behavior. CasperLabs is aiming to address the blockchain scalability issue by keeping blockchain fully decentralized like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The technology promises to scale the blockchain without sacrificing decentralization through proof of stake consensus and open and permission less access. The goal of CasperLabs is to create a high-performance multi-threaded execution environment that can enable thousands of transactions per second, solving the enormous scaling issues.

CasperLabs is promising something very honest and achievable, with a goal of 1000 TPShard and keeping constant transaction cost with DAG-based blockchain by implementing CBC PoS consensus protocol families.

CasperLabs' project can serve as a foundation for the millions of decentralized businesses and applications and it could provide a solid platform for many large enterprises need to move towards distributed ledger technology

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