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Code Review - 03/09/2021

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Rari Capital is a yield aggregation protocol that seeks the highest yields across the DeFi ecosystem with different risk appetites and deploys capital accordingly. At this present time Rari offers yield earning pools for stablecoins and ETH plus the access to Saffron Finance liquidity pools which split capital into tranches that allows for customized risk profiles.

Rari Capital is one of the DeFi projects to follow in 2021. As DeFi is not the easiest place to understand with new protocols and often concepts that are not easy to grasp, Rari Capital is simplifying the process of earning yield for DeFi users. As stated in the deep dive report that came out a few weeks ago and that we invite you to read if you are interested in getting more details, Rari have huge innovations coming in the near time, notably Fuse, enabling anyone to create pools of assets which are their own distinct money markets, and L2 integration using Optimism. The governance token associated with the protocol, RGT, is trading on Uniswap.

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