Code Review - 03/09/2021

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PowerTrade is a crypto options and structured products trading platform. The platform enables the trading of Bitcoin in a quick, intuitive and seamless manner on all mobile devices. It also has added capabilities of helping investors easily analyze the market, manage risk and seize profitable trading opportunities. PowerTrade vision is to create easy access for retail to trade crypto options through a designed driven, product focus approach offering a deep user experience. Existing crypto options platforms are too complex and do not maximize user value, two issues that PowerTrade aim to address by being a mobile-first platform mimicking Robinhood approach that entices young investors with a nice user interface. While the platform is centralized, the team behind the project decided to take the hybrid route by adding a token powering the governance of the DAO (fork of Compound DAO and audited) but also giving holders the ability to manage the insurance funds that exists to cover traders of the platform if needed and trading fee discounts via staking.

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