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Code Review - 03/09/2021

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Shadows is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol built on Substrate. The value of these synthetic assets is underpinned by DOWS, and as long as DOWS is locked in a smart contract, synthetic assets can be issued. Being apart on Polkadot’s ecosystem, Shadows Network is a parallel chain focused on mapping real-world financial assets onto the chain and providing a decentralized trading platform and collateralized lending platform for synthetic assets.

While the project looks appealing at first as it is a mix of two hyped markets in the blockchain ecosystem, DeFi and Polkadot, we remain cautious about the project as the amount of technical details about it is still low and there is still no demo/testnet/product available. The whitepaper is minimal in terms of information about the implementation of the solution and while there is some public code available, only the token smart contract has been audited yet. We will see in the coming months if the team is able to deliver a good product. The token DOWS is trading on Uniswap.

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