Vesper Finance - $VSP
Code Review - 03/14/2021
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Vesper Finance is a platform of DeFi primitives and works as a “meta layer” for DeFi, routing deposits to the highest yield opportunities within risk tolerance for the particular pool. Products are non-custodial and auto-compounding.

Under-the-hood, Vesper enables a truly set-and-forget experience at scale through a unique approach that enables yield aggregating “strategies” to be upgraded, replaced, connected, and concurrent – all with no added burden on the end-user.

VSP tokens incentivize participation, facilitates governance, and catalyzes user contribution. Users can earn VSP tokens in three ways: participating in Vesper pools, providing liquidity, or staking.

Vesper has a unique yield-bearing strategy that can generate yield in a different token than the token that is deposited by the user. This means you can deposit ETH and earn USD as returns. Vesper is well audited and the code quality of developers working on this protocol is good. VSP Token is currently trading and available in Uniswap and Poloniex.

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