Hedgey is an options trading protocol, built to run on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, powered by Uniswap's liquidity, oracles, and flash swaps. It lets any Ethereum community self-launch a derivatives market for its token, as well as anyone with Metamask to buy, sell, and launch options contracts through their non-custodial smart contract. Hedgey was built to feel like a centralized options platform while providing a completely non-custodial experience. Hedgey is part of an ecosystem being built around PAR, the Parachute Token, and the token will provide governance rights as well as a share of the fees generated by the protocol.

Hedgey is in its early stages and just recently launched. While the protocol is unaudited and should be used with a lot of caution as they are currently running a bug bounty, we liked the source code we saw from their public repositories. Parachute organization has been working on decentralized applications for a few years now, and we are confident in the team being able to deliver proper work. Only time will tell if Hedgey is able to capture a reasonable share of the market, but considering the low market cap, it looks interesting. The token associated with Hedgey, $PAR, is already trading and available on Uniswap and Hotbit.

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