Code Review - 03/23/2021

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KILT is a blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign verifiable, revocable, anonymous credentials and enabling trust market business models in Web 3.0. In simplified terms, it provides a distributed online trust market to enable solutions for managing trust relationships on the internet. In contrast to many blockchain based protocols for self sovereign identity, KILT considers identity as the first generic use case for their protocol, focusing on enabling new business models for anyone who owns trust or wants to build up trust. The protocol provides a set of functionalities and an infrastructure to build both simple and complex trust solutions.

Being part of the Polkadot ecosystem, KILT is still in its early stages while being already a few years old. The first version of the whitepaper was released in 2018 and the solution has been in development since then and is still showing great activity. The project is in good hands as the team working on building it is large and experienced. The project will participate in the upcoming Parachain auction process and looks well-prepared to earn a spot to launch their mainnet on Kusama. No token associated with the project has been released yet, so we will keep an eye on it for any possible opportunity.

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