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Code Review - 03/30/2021

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Moonbeam is a Polkadot smart contract platform that makes it easy to build natively interoperable blockchain applications. Moonbeam aims to provide developers with the ability to port existing Ethereum DApps or to create new DApps using familiar Ethereum development tools, the goal being to substantially decrease the barrier to entry for successful Ethereum DApps that want to move to a more performant and cost-effective platform. Since the solution is based on Substrate, the blockchain development framework from Parity Technologies, Moonbeam is able to create a native Ethereum execution environment that provides Web3 RPC and EVM implementations to support most Ethereum DApps without significant modification. Moonbeam’s scalability and security is derived from running under Polkadot’s sharded design and shared security umbrella.

As the Polkadot ecosystem is growing and getting larger each day, one of the most strategic markets could be the smart contracts platform’s one. Serving as an infrastructure for projects to build upon, they will be a key piece in the ecosystem. As Edgeware was covered a few months ago, we now reviewed Moonbeam, which is also technically a strong project. Public repositories are showing a lot of activity from a large team of experienced developers and the project aims to offer a flawless transition for Ethereum developers which should help with adoption. The project raised $1.4M in a seed round last year to help develop the product and is anticipating a launch of both their mainnet and token in the coming months.

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