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Code Review - 04/04/2021

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Superfluid is a new token standard, with the power to describe cashflows, and execute them automatically on-chain over time in a non-interactive way. Superfluid flows are programmable, composable and modular. Our first cashflow types allow constant streams of value and one-to-many distributions. All flows are settled at the same time, based on block timestamps. This makes it possible to net inflows and outflows, increasing capital efficiency.

The superfluid protocol can be used to handle subscriptions, salaries, rewards and any composable stream of value, with continuous settlement and per-second netting for extreme capital efficiency. Superfluid is a niche display of what is possible with DeFi, by streaming money like one would stream a movie, that’s continuous, real-time and programmable. The use cases highlighted need market validation as this a new category in the payment space. Superfluid has no token at the moment.

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