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Code Review - 04/06/2021

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Built by the same team that developed NEM, one of the oldest projects still being used today, Symbol is a featurerich development platform that lets enterprises build blockchain projects faster and more efficiently. Symbol uses familiar APIs to interface with existing platforms, so the learning curve is lower, and you can develop your way. This means developers can create a variety of architectural solutions with lightweight code efficiently, in any programming language. A distinct feature of Symbol from NEM is its hybrid chain architecture, which permits native compatibility with both public and private chain deployments, allowing developers to choose the ideal setup for their particular needs. Enterprise users can establish a permissioned ecosystem on a private chain to store confidential information, while also enabling communication with public chains.

Symbol is a solid project led by a well respected team that first brought NEM blockchain a few years ago. Their new platform has been built with experience and is supposed to fix flaws of their previous work and bring new features that will help both developers and enterprises to develop decentralized applications. Audits have been performed and their codebase is showing great activity as well as best practices in terms of development. Their new features are supposed to help with enterprise adoption, and we should see in the coming weeks and months if the platform gets proper adoption. The token XYM is currently trading and is available on centralized exchanges like KuCoin and

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