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Code Review - 04/11/2021

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Rally aims to jumpstart the global creator economy for both content creators and their fans for a brand new era of fandom where both creator and fan benefit. As it stands right now, creators earn revenue via a small percentage of revenue share from advertising, or sponsored posts. In Rally’s vision for the future, creators will be able to grow their audiences and earn more revenue by building their own virtual economy fueled by their own Creator Coin, where they can offer and reward new digital collectibles and digitally native experiences to their fans. Furthermore, fans will be able to support and also participate in their favorite creator’s success. Not only will they have access to myriad new collectibles and experiences, but they will also be able to buy and trade in each creator’s personalized coin. As their favorite creator’s fame rises, so will their Creator Coin economy, meaning that both creator and fan benefit. Rally’s goal is to be a decentralized network for creators to monetize and align themselves with their community. As a community-owned network, the community is in charge of making the decisions for how the network evolves, not the Rally team itself. Core team of developers built everything with the intention of decentralizing and progressively removing themselves from its administration and evolution. Rally Governance is a governance system that will enable the community of $RLY holders to direct all major changes to Rally Network. Rally token is currently trading in Uniswap and KuCoin.

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