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Code Review - 04/11/2021

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BarnBridge creates tokenized derivatives based on market fluctuations. These derivative tokens are divided into high, medium and low risk/reward categories. BarnBridge is a cross-platform risk tokenization protocol with tranches of fixed income and volatility. BarnBridge’s advantage is that it can aggregate yields with fixed income and flatten them to improve the system’s efficiency, making the entry into the crypto industry more personalized and predictable for consumers, opening it up to a wider audience. BarnBridge also supports SMART Alpha Bonds that can be used to tokenize price risks. They can expose users to large, medium, or low price fluctuations. Smart Alpha Bonds on Ethereum can be used as derivatives to hedge against any ERC-20 token price fluctuations.

Barnbridge’s Fixed income products and risk management tools has the potential to attract traditional investors into DeFi. They have a strong dev team and already launched couple of Fixed income products Smart Yield bonds and Smart Alpha bonds. Smart yield bonds is one of the best stable coin yields.

BOND is used for Governance of the protocol and is currently trading in Uniswap.

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