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Code Review - 04/18/2021

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Virtue Poker is a decentralized poker platform that uses the Ethereum blockchain and peer-to-peer networking to provide an online poker site that claims to be safe, honest and fun. Virtue Poker distributes the shuffling process, Each player’s app shuffles the deck and applies a layer of encryption. Once the deck is thoroughly shuffled and encrypted, the hand is dealt, and players exchange encryption keys so everyone can see their hands. Since there is no server where the complete, unencrypted deck resides, a hacker would have to crack encryption on each player’s computer separately.

Virtue Poker conducted a token sale in May 2018 in which we sold 100 million tokens at the price of 4,000 VPPs = 1 ETH. Virtue Poker tokens are not yet listed on exchanges and are locked (not tradable) until the service launches on the Ethereum mainnet which is expected to launch shortly.

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