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Code Review - 04/18/2021

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Launched in 2017, Internxt is working on building a private Internet. Its first service, Internxt Drive, is a decentralized cloud storage service available for individuals and businesses. It counts with a Mobile, Desktop and Web app. Files uploaded to Internxt’s infrastructure are client-side encrypted and fragmented. Internxt counts with its own token, INXT, which acts as a payment method for its node operators, who are distributed all over the globe. Internxt is currently working on two new products, Internxt Photos and Internxt Send, which were due to be released in Q1 2021. These are being built on top of Internxt’s already existing distributed architecture.

Internext core is a fork of the popular Decentralized cloud storage protocol - StorJ. Nevertheless the team is active on Github and build the Internxt Drive, which is is a zero-knowledge file storage service that is currently live.

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