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Integral Protocol - $ITGR
Integral Protocol - $ITGR
Code Review - 04/25/2021
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Integral Protocol wants to be the last exchange and build the final form of AMM’s. They plan to do this by mirroring existing exchanges liquidity onto themselves until they regain the world’s best liquidity. This process can be thought of as a continuous vampire attack until all world liquidity is integrated into Integral. Order Book based AMM is the technology that make this possible(OB-AMM).

Current product that is live will mirror 3x Binance spot market liquidity and instantly become the world’s cheapest place to trade spots for large trades(≥ $30k). But later this year, they plan to move onto L2, to save costs on small trades too.

By adding a Trade delay of 5 mins to obtain price reference from Uniswap TWAP and Concentrated Liquidity with Cyclical Imbalances, Integral claims to reduce front running and remove Impermanent loss for traders while mirroring Liquidity from other exchanges. Integral farming is live on mainnet and seed sale is currently live. Integral open sourced the contracts and have undergone 3 audits so far. ITGR will be the governance token and All protocol value (“trade commissions”, “trade fees”) will accrue to ITGR token holders.

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