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Code Review - 04/25/2021

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Kleros is a blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer that provides fast, secure and affordable arbitration for virtually everything. Kleros uses blockchain and crowdsourced specialists to adjudicate disputes in a fast, secure and affordable way. Kleros connects users who need to solve disputes with jurors who have the right skills to solve them. Crowdsourcing taps into a global pool of jurors. Blockchain technology guarantees evidence integrity, transparency in jury selection and incentives for honest rulings.

Kleros has a solid team and an active Github repo with frequent updates. Kleros has more than 500 cases settled in the courtroom and Prediction market case 532 is resolved with over 2.5M$ in value settled by Kleros. As more capital and assets start to be transacted in decentralized value networks, the need for a trustless and decentralized dispute resolution service such as Kleros is going to increase.

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