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Code Review - 04/27/2021

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The Oasis Network is a privacy-enabled blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. By bringing privacy and scalability to DeFi, the Oasis Network expands DeFi beyond early adopters to a mass market.

It enables private smart contracts, high scalability, and the ability to tokenize data. This unlocks new use cases like private lending, under collateralized loans, and private automated market makers.

The Oasis ParaTime scaling architecture supports fast transaction speed, high scalability, and large workloads by separating execution from consensus. Anyone can create their own ParaTime, allowing for the Oasis Network to support a rich ecosystem of applications and use cases.

Recently launched on Mainnet, the Oasis Network has an innovative approach to fix the scalability issues of current Layer 1 Blockchains. The separation of consensus and execution into two different layers in their architecture, the Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer opens up a lot of new possibilities.

The Oasis Team, behind the project, is made up of top talent from around the world with backgrounds from Apple, Google, Amazon, Goldman Sachs and other top-tier institutions. The token of the platform, ROSE, is currently trading on Binance. It is worth noting that a ParaTime can also have a specific token (OETH for Oasis Ethereum ParaTime).

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