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Code Review - 05/04/2021

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UniLayer is a second layer solution built on top of UniSwap that leverages UniSwap’s liquidity pools. UniLayer offers specific features for high-level trading through the use of LAYER utility tokens, which focus on automating swaps and effective liquidity management and flash staking, charts, and analytics much more. The LAYER token intends to facilitate transactions made on UniLayer, where all the fees are transferred to a single token pool. In other words, UniLayer is an application that offers advanced trading features to Uniswap, to bring an experience closer to the one on traditional centralized exchanges.

UniLayer is a much-needed product to bring access to a larger number of traders to Uniswap. It enables features for professional trading, a missing piece of the yet simple Uniswap. Unilayer is a great example of a project with a real market demand. However, we were a bit disappointed with the lack of activity in the repositories of the project, and it looks like they decided to keep some parts of the code private even if they are live on Mainnet. That being said, their smart contracts went under multiple proper audits which is a good sign for security purposes. The token is trading on both centralized (KuCoin) and decentralized (Uniswap) exchanges.

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