Badger DAO - $BADGER

Code Review - 05/16/2021

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Badger DAO aims to create an ecosystem of DeFi products with the ultimate goal of bringing Bitcoin into Ethereum. It is the first DeFi project that chose to focus on BTC as the main reserve asset rather than using ETH. There are two main products, Sett and DIGG.

Sett is a yield farming aggregator focused on tokenized BTC. DIGG is the first elastic supply rebase token that is pegged to the price of Bitcoin.The rebase mechanism works similarly to Ampleforth which is pegged to the price of USD. BADGER is the governance token for the Badger DAO. It can be used to vote and receive cash flow from the fees earned by the protocol.

Badger token is currently trading and available in Binance and Uniswap.

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