Code Review - 05/16/2021

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Upshot aims to build a protocol that enables real-time NFT appraisals by paying experts for providing their honest insights. Underlying is a question and answer protocol that leverages a new field of mechanism design called peer prediction to incentivize people to answer questions honestly. It’s purpose is to reliably and efficiently pair honest answers to questions. This enables and improves a number of exciting use cases such as efficient price discovery for esoteric assets, decentralized insurance, decentralized governance, content curation, and more.

Upshots looks promising and is trying to solve an important problem with NFT pricing. The protocol can be extended to many use cases outside of NFT’s like Insurance, content curation and governance. They don’t have a token yet but the beta is live on Ethereum mainnet. Any protocol that relies on incentivized game theory is prone to various attack vectors. But the team looks capable of delivering this. Definitely something interesting to keep an eye on how they progress.

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