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Code Review - 05/25/2021

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Cartesi is developing a solution that will have dApps running all their complex and expensive computations offchain, removing the prohibitive blockchain costs and the other limitations imposed by blockchain technology. With Cartesi dApps are capable of running any computations without worrying about transaction fees and other blockchain limitations. Plus all the computations done inside the Cartesi node are reproducible and verifiable. This maintains the decentralization necessary for the blockchain, as well as the security guarantees of the blockchain. Local consensus is achieved within the node, with any disputes being handed off to the main chain for resolution.

As scaling has been one of the hottest topics recently, Cartesi provides a useful technology and a critical piece of the scalability puzzle, helping developers to create more scalable dApps. The founders are all very experienced and extremely capable individuals, and having the association with IOTA and its founder Serguei Popov can only help the project in forging connections with other blockchain projects. Part of the project is already live on mainnet, however the main technology that might bring developer adoption, Cartesi Rollups, is scheduled for testnet Q2 2021 and for mainnet later this year, when we’ll be able to see how it performs compared to other scalability solutions. The token CTSI is trading on both centralized (Coinbase, Binance) and decentralized (Uniswap) exchanges.

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