Code Review - 05/28/2021

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Splyt is an e-commerce NFT infrastructure that connects e-commerce stores, brands, and affiliates. A unique eNFT is assigned to each item providing users with a globally updating inventory. An eNFT is a certificate of authenticity to prevent counterfeits, has a built-in smart contract that holds money in escrow to avoid scams, and has a commission to incentivise affiliates and stores. The protocol is equipped with automated dispute and arbitration mechanisms, and is governed by consensus to maintain decentralization, flexibility, and user engagement.

Splyt is an old project as it was started in 2018, looking at their codebase, making it 3 years old, which is a pretty long time in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. While the project was initially created in 2018, it looks like it evolved from the original idea. However, we were a bit disappointed looking at the public codebase of Splyt, as the recent development activity seems pretty low. It is still a possibility that most of the work done recently is being done on private repositories, but we are still waiting for new public code to be made available to gain more confidence into the project as of now. The token of the protocol is trading on centralized (Gate.io) and decentralized (Uniswap) exchanges.

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