Code Review - 05/30/2021

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Bitski lets developers build user-friendly and cross-platform Ethereum apps. Using Bitski, developers can build decentralized apps or games that feel just as easy to use as a standard app. Once a user already has a Bitski account, they will be able to onboard using OAuth which is a common user experience across web 2. Since the wallets are managed in the cloud instead of tied to a specific device, users can access them from anywhere without compromising security. We believe this is far more secure than many of the current solutions that store your keys locally on your device and read them into memory. Since wallets are tied to your user account, they can be recovered even if users forget their password, lose your phone. According to them this kind of recovery is more secure than writing down a passphrase.

Though Bitski’s wallet management negates the benefits of self custody and ethos of web3, their SDK makes it easy for developers to build applications quickly while providing easy onboarding infrastructure for users accustomed with Web 2 experience. Bitski dont have a token yet.

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