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Code Review - 05/30/2021

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Pocket Network is a decentralized blockchain API built for Web3 apps, relaying data to and from any blockchain through a network of thousands of nodes. The Pocket Network protocol validates all relayed data and proportionally rewards the participating nodes with POKT. Pocket Network connects randomly to a network of thousands of nodes, run by a variety of operators on a variety of hardware, while centralized API providers connect you to the hardware that they own and operate.

The key differentiator between these arrangements is that Pocket has an inherent diversity at scale that makes its service more resilient and less likely to face downtime. POKT is the native utility token that powers the economics of the protocol. Pocket Network requires both developers and nodes to stake POKT to participate in the network. Nodes earn POKT for fulfilling API requests for apps on a per request basis. POKT token is currently not trading.

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