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Code Review - 06/01/2021

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Vega is a decentralized derivatives exchange that allows permission less market creation and works as an independent proof-of-stake network optimized for trading assets bridged from Ethereum and other blockchains. The whole protocol allows for new innovations: Vega is the first decentralized derivatives protocol with decentralized cross-margining, meaning gains you make on one market automatically offset losses you have incurred on another. In addition, other trader centric features have been implemented, such as automatic netting of positions, protective circuit breakers, and gas free transactions.

Vega is building something way more ambitious than what current DeFi protocols allow. Vega Console brings a high-end trading experience to decentralized derivatives. It permits lots of configuration, allowing you to have multiple workspaces, intuitively monitor positions, track trading end-to-end, vote on governance actions, and keep an eye on the network, all across multiple screens, the goal being to be able to compete against professional centralized exchanges. The amount of features and things it allows also makes it way more complex to use than Uniswap, which some already find a bit complicated. However, as DeFi keeps getting larger, it is possible that Vega will become the playground of a few finance professionals. The token is going to be on sale via Coinlist soon.

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