Mercurial Finance is building DeFi’s first dynamic vaults for stable assets, providing the technical tools for users to easily deposit and mint stable assets, generating liquidity for their own requirements or offering them to ecosystem participants with such demands.

Mercurial vaults are market making vaults providing low slippage swaps for stables, while also improving LP profits with dynamic fees and flexible capital allocation. Trading stable pairs on traditional AMMs have high slippage, while capital is largely underutilized, since most of the assets are not needed for swaps at any given point in time. In addition, fees are static, resulting in wasted fee opportunities for LPs when the market demand is high.

Mercurial Vaults aim to have Low slippage swaps for stable pairs and forex pairs, Dynamic fees that leverage market conditions to improve LP profits and Flexible allocation to external platforms like lending protocols to earn additional interest and yield. Mercurial does not have a token yet.

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