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Code Review - 06/27/2021

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Universe.xyz & xyzDAO is an initiative, which grants voting rights to the $XYZ holders and lays the foundation for Universe Protocol. Universe protocol is a social media NFT platform that includes minting, marketplaces, social tools, NFT tools, and auctions.

xyzDAO empowers the community by enabling decentralized decision making in the Universe protocol. It is governed by the $XYZ tokens and is the core component of the Universe platform.

To create an optimal minting experience, Universe’s NFTs are both ERC721-compatible, and include a variety of upgrades to allow seamless integration with the Universe Auction House and provides artists the ability to collect resale royalties across not only Universe’s auction platform, but on a variety of secondary markets, including Rarible.

Universe Yield farming is live and the XYZ token is currently trading in Sushiswap.

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