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Convergence Finance - $CONV
Convergence Finance - $CONV

Code Review - 06/27/2021

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The Convergence Protocol claims to be the first to make real world asset exposure interchangeable in the DeFi space by connecting Wrapped Security Tokens (WSTs) with UTs on a single interface that is easy to use, adopt and composable with other DeFi protocols.

The Convergence Protocol consists of the token wrapping module, Convergence AMM infrastructure, Convergence Pools and ConvergenceDAO.

The Convergence native token is CONV which can be used for Governance Rights, Split of Transaction Fee and Privileged Access. Convergence Finance aims to revolutionize the way people trade real-world and crypto-native exposure by providing greater liquidity, transparency and inclusion for all investors.

By combining the advantages of STs with the liquidity, automation and transparency features of DeFi, the Convergence Protocol synthesizes the worlds of traditional finance and DeFi.

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