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Code Review - 06/27/2021

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Mintlayer aims to create the very first sustainable architecture for decentralized finance, inheriting its security model from Bitcoin. Mintlayer blockchain is anchored to Bitcoin: every Mintlayer block has a reference to a Bitcoin block.

In each Mintlayer round, lasting 1008 Bitcoin blocks, the participants are selected among the stakers to collaborate on creating the chain’s blocks.

A user who decides to actively participate in the network consensus needs to run a node and stake enough MLT tokens to pass a minimum threshold.

Each round, an election is automatically enforced by the algorithm, where the user may be chosen as a “participant”. The higher the token stake, the higher the chances are to be selected.

MLT tokens are still not trading and the protocol is still in active development. This is an interesting project but needs more time and currently not deployed on mainnet.

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