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Composable Finance - $LAYR
Composable Finance - $LAYR

Code Review - 06/27/2021

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Composable Finance is creating infrastructure to unlock the multi-layer, and multi-chain future of Ethereum, and other layer 1 blockchains.

The lack of compatibility between blockchains and layers results in disparity and inefficiency and Developers are very restricted in what they can build with siloed infrastructures, and users are forced to navigate complicated and lengthy processes if they want to utilize multiple chains or layers.

They intend to reduce these barriers that DeFi creators and users face. They plan to first bridge the gap between different Ethereum Layer 2 implementations, and then unlock further interoperability by allowing smart contracts associated with different layer 1 blockchains to run in tandem on one Polkadot parachain. Composable is still not launched their product and the token is not trading.

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